Sunday, October 28, 2007

The latest installment

Another little visual done while looking at my sister's house: glass bricks here, a bit of cabinet, a bit of stovetop:

Inspired by the photo on the front of a book about the connection between mind and body and back pain--pain as a kind of psychosomatic distraction from thinking of psychological issues, like anger or anxiety or distress. The author says the body also creates allergies, arthritis, intestinal problems and so on as distractors from emotional stress. Very interesting book. Can one 'cure' one's allergies by thinking? Maybe.

A chest to go with the back, though the towels thrown across the shoulders aren't matching.


Sheila said...

I hope that you'll join India's DrawMo! project this comingmonth.

Sheila said...

Oh . . . and before I forget . . . I especially like the topmost image.

Cooper Renner said...

I need to email India and get the info again. I forget things.

Glad you like the little kitchen scene. Thanks!

alek said...

well i have to agree with sheila that one caught my eye like guston does