Friday, November 9, 2007

Two scenes

This one's inspired by a scene in the early pages of War and Peace, which I'm now reading in the new translation that just came out. This character, Dolokhov, bets that he can sit on the windowsill of the room he and his friends are in are drink a whole bottle of liquor while not holding on without falling out:

This one's inspired by my experience in 1990 of swimming/walking into phosphorescence in the Gulf of Mexico, though I've made the characater here a woman:


Sheila said...

I recall telling you about seeing myriad phosphorescent sea snakes in the Caribbean at Punta Allen, the 'point' at the very southeasternmost tip of Yucatan/Quintana Roo. Thought of Coleridge and the Ancient Mariner.

And I recall your telling me of your own experience in phosphorescent waters -- that you felt like a constellation. I love that.

Cooper Renner said...

Of course, in all truth, I AM a constellation.

Hinh hinh.

Good to hear from you. Send me an email.

alek said...

that is something to love and swimming in warm inky water, with all the snakes and stars going on