Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chalk pastel crayons

These were done, not with the Wacom, but with soft pastel (chalk) crayons on 11x14 paper. The Chimney Pots are for Susan, though she doesn't know it yet. You'll notice I've got the perspective a bit off on the lower roofline--it shouldn't angle so much. I think I can correct that.

The yogi's right arm/shoulder is a little off. I should've sketched this out in pencil first, but I didn't: I just went to work with the crayons.


alek said...

isn't it interesting how rich the colour of 'true' pastels is. i kind of had the urge of late to play with pens and pencils and colours, just for the tactile nature of it. went to find my bits and pieces and discovered they'd all been raided by the squirt... o well get some more i guess

Cooper Renner said...

Does the squirt like to draw? My oldest great-nephew does. I may even pass the Wacom on to him at some point.