Saturday, December 8, 2007

Woman Leaving Kitchen and a revised nude

Despite what the statue looks like, I can't make the pose seem workable in pastel. Hmmm.


alek said...
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alek said...

it kind of depends on what you want to achieve. the kitchen drawing is great because of the lack of concern and i like the scene, that domed ceiling.
is the statue from your head?
because i'd suggest you look at the light rather than the form, imagine there is a light source draw a little arrow in your mind where its coming from and see the way it falls on your statue on the stone muscles of it.
if you make a still life as an exercise use a strong light source near it like a candle its a fun way to see the way things are built and it also allows you to strengthen your line, by deepening the form
sorry blah blah

Cooper Renner said...

Good points! I do wish I had a life-drawing class to work from, rather than photos (as in the case of the statue) or just sort of extrapolating from my own body or imagination. Chiaroscuro. What a great thing, no?