Saturday, January 19, 2008

A bit of wax crayon work

I did this one while two of the great-nieces were visiting. It went home with them.

The photo this is based on shows a very young kid--maybe 4--with his hat covering half his head. When I started working on the face, however, he turned into an old cowboy. One of these days I'll get better.


alek said...

have you tried wax crayoning certain areas of a drawing and water colouring over it? it can be fun, any water based paint will work

Cooper Renner said...

Good tip. Thanks. I haven't messed with any watercoloring this time around yet, though I've done a bit of acrylicking, which of course is too viscous for the effect you're suggesting. Back in the '80s I "painted" with colored ink on canvas.

alek said...

coloured ink and wax on paper works great so does acrylic watered down