Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The blockheads roll on and. . . .

Blockhead Dad

Blockhead Dancer

Blockhead Skater

Or wait--is it all in the orientation?


Sheila said...

Is Blockhead Dad in the throes of a disorienting transition either into or out of a blockhead state? It looks as though his (block)head may hurt.

alek said...

cooper, does this latest spate of block head images have something to do with polypses and sinus problems perhaps? not that i don't like them, especially the blockhead hockey player on the previous post

Sheila said...

Oh, Alek, I had not even thought of that. Block. Head.

(By the way, I have coaxed Cooper into trading me the red blockhead animal for some photo-prints of some of my silly pictures. You too should ask him for some drawings. Ask him to draw you another red animal, too.)