Sunday, September 2, 2007

Another batter attempt

Here's another go at the batter's hands:

And here's a sort of self-portrait again:


jack said...

good cut section of the face
it works
allows mystery in also its a good drawing

jack said...

i juggled up my coments here
the wash works i didnt even notice it wasa wash and thats good instresting the two sets of hands the first on is more agresive there an emontional reaction to what you have seen
the secend you have engaged with your eye and thoughts and is more passive and controled
i like both i am
let it be said cooper amused by the hair which i like
but their is a poem of yours i read lasy year of the texture of a womans pubic hair
a good poem but i see haie might be a theme or even an obsesseion
this is good in art by the way
but to quailfy for being an person who obsesses you need at leat twenty hairy drawings arround the same subject

thought you might like to know that

alek said...

when you are drawing the self portrait you're looking at the screen right? but its a mirror where you don't see your entirety
only as your appearing by your hand on the wacom...
possibly, that was athought

alek said...

with some orthographic errors

Cooper Renner said...

I just sort of looked at my reflection to get a feel for how the cheek jogs when the glasses are at the right angle, and otherwise worked from memory. One of these days maybe I'll get good enough to draw something that actually looks like me. That latest is a decent approximation, but I still think no one who knows me well would glance at it and say, "Oh, it's you." "Lizard Boy" is probably the closest I've come to actually looking like an actual person--and I was working from a photo there.