Saturday, September 15, 2007

Barcelonan Shades

These two are based on two different photographs I took of the statue in the middle of a fountain in a park in Barcelona. (In one of the photos, you can see a Burger King sign in the background.)

This is inspired by an ancient Mesopotamian figurine. Quite a tiny rascal, if I remember correctly; perhaps even on smaller scale than this drawing. White stone, I think. 2000 BCE or so; maybe older. For the head I used a photo I took at the zoo of a snow leopard.

Thinking of this ancient statue also brings to mind Henri Rousseau's "Horse Attacked by a Jaguar", in which the predator has such an innocent expression on his face.


Sheila said...

I especially like the second (yellow-tinged) nude.

Cooper Renner said...

Thank you. The yellowish one is definitely more pleasing.

jack said...

the lines have aquired a greater fluidity
the figure with the cats head i admire there is something to be exsplored with this so dont it go
to quickly from your vission
creating work is much like like ageing it can pass to quickly
and we leave stuff behind we ought
to have carried with us
its a curse
cooper i see to be haveing a problom with my mail i think
peopel are writting and its not getting through
or i am sending but folks aint gettting it ermmm
sorry oif that been the case with you
thing about cyber space one dosent get to know these things untill a number
of people start saying
the question is who to invade

jack said...

also i having a bad run with my dyslexia
so sorry about the litter in my replies

Cooper Renner said...

Hey, Jack, I hope the email problem resolves itself. That is a really irritating thing to happen. I haven't gotten any email from you, so if you've sent anything, it's gone into the ether.

I love that little ancient cat's head statue--which I haven't even seen a picture of in years. I have no idea which museum it's in. Maybe I should see if I can google it.