Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The myths

For reasons I don't quite fathom (perhaps some of it has to do with Donna Jo Napoli's excellent young adult novel with treats the subject), I find myself immensely moved by the ancient tale of the mournful cry of "The great god Pan is dead" going up. Here's one treatment of that idea, which makes Pan only partially "human"--perhaps inaccurate, but not inappropriate, I think.

And here again is the Minotaur, whom I seem to be unable to leave alone.


alek said...

interesting thing about this minotaur and caption is that i have a pen and ink drawing from a few years back that kind of reflects the sentiment, but with the bullman and his mother, if it still exists somewhere i'll show you.
i love the face of it - really do!

Cooper Renner said...

I'd love to see your treatment!

Cooper Renner said...

In some ways this Minotaur is a same reflection that moved beneath my "Maze-Bull" poem.