Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ay, tantos desnudos

Yesterday I experimented with more images from the ancient world, in some cases aiming at using very few lines to suggest the form of the god or goddess. Here is Ishtar (of Babylon):

And this is Aphrodite:


Hermes, who was of course the messenger god (hence the winged feet), as well as being associated with fertility:

Going back several millenia, here's my cave painting. See if you can guess what I like best about this one:

And finally a "modern" drawing: a rather sketchy look at a "two-a-day" football practice:


jack said...

hi cooper
seems to me this is all going to the good
the minimalist drawings I like very much
to suggest such things with few lines is excellent
and a good experiment that has worked

the suggestion of hand in the cave painting perhaps

foot ball practice is good
hockney once made a point about hands blurring in movement
if that’s any help
helps with the suggestion of movement


alek said...

your supremely economical line is poetry coop

Cooper Renner said...

Thanks for the comments! I like the blurring/movement idea a lot.

"Economical line"--thanks!

And, yep, it's the cave hand I like the most. The deer is nothing special, eh?

Sheila said...

Checking in late here . . . and you know I like to be contrary -- but not for the sake of contrariness -- so I'll just add my voice to the chorus of those who especially like what you do when you do it with just a few lines.