Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Sketchily trying to get a caricature of myself, I got a nose that looked more like Dylan, so I went with it. I wonder what you will all think:

In Greek mythology, the hunter Actaeon got in trouble when he stumbled across the goddess Artemis bathing in the river. She turned him into a stag so that his own hunting dogs killed him. In this drawing he is about halfway through his transformation. I hid one of Artemis's nymphs in the tree:

And this is just a nude, not terribly successful, I think. Her expression looks something like a cartoon Thurber might have done and then blamed on one of the dogs. But I like the angular foot, even if I didn't initially intend it to look that way. I'm still having some trouble drawing at the bottom end of the Wacom tablet.


jack said...

hi cooper
i have come over here to say hi
dylan drawing very cool i like
and that goes for that poor fellow who got eaton by his dogs
still i belive he was pushing his luck with the lady
thee hiiden in the tree excellent
yes i can see the emergence of metophor and reaction very inportant


Sheila said...

Dylan's nose, yes.

The eyes -- they put me in mind of the eyes of Helios on a certain 'type' of ancient coinage of Rhodes; I'll have to send you a photo, or you'll have to come visit and see The Collection.

All in all, Dylan/Actaeon (which I like very much) puts me in mind of certain of Jean Cocteau's sketches -- by which I do not mean that I find it derivative but that it gives me something of the same feel. And in my book that's good.

alek said...

o precisely sheila, i've got 'Le cahier bleu' or is that 'livre' which is illustrated with Cocteau's line drawings, i think the cleaness of his line is similar though not derivative, do we get to see Adonis?

jack said...

you live with him