Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I like to draw

This is one of my attempts to get a semi-caricature of myself. I'm not there yet.

And this one is based on a photograph which I call "Pathetique"--not "pathetic", but rather "provoking pathos or feeling." All of us grow up knowing that one day our hair will most likely fall out or turn white, but no one ever sits a boy down and says, "Oh, just wait till your chest hair starts turning white." I call this "Middle-aging".

Here's a hand:

Here's part of a leg:

And here's the goddess Athene, appropriately fragmentary, like so many statues from the past:


Sheila said...

Your fragmentary Athene is indeed appropriately fragmentary. Also more or less colorless, which, as you know, is also ahistorical. But it's the way we see now.

Carry on. I really enjoy what you're doing.

alek said...

definately concur with sheila 'carry on drawing' it is a real pleasure to see them. I like the feather weight hand and hairy knee have those hairs gone white too?

jack said...

good work like the mug shot a whole lot
rest very good
its going well cooper