Friday, August 31, 2007

Lizard Boy

This one is a version of a photograph of my great-nephew.

Photoshop gave me fits while working on this: I think it must have frozen at least 4 times while I was in the middle of working, and even though I was saving what I did fairly regularly, I still kept losing bits of work. Is Photoshop so unstable, or is the Wacom tablet itself a contrary tool? Does anyone know?

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jack said...

yes yesterday i crahed twiced in
twenty minutes loseing all work
i switched of my internet conection
and restarted been ok since
my feeling is it may not like a lot of ther programes up at the same time
but thats a just me museing

good progress is being made
i like this set of drawings
i also like the way you move from strenght to strengh with the work
i sense n opening up of content
travel and the wacom go well