Friday, August 24, 2007

Get that man away from the books!

Yesterday I took a trip up to Archer City, Texas, to Larry McMurtry's bookstore, so I had no time for posting or drawing. Do I like reading or drawing more? Well, gee whiz, it seems impossible to get me away from books, so. . . .

Here's yet another version of "The Reader's Hand."

Here I was trying to get a version of the Greeks' dawn goddess Aurora. I'm not there yet. I'm aiming for a more free-flowing line and maybe even a hint of Blake, but this seems tolerable to me.

And here's something tacky for you all: "Coach."


jack said...


Jesus I am impressed by these latest works
I will say this but you might think I am just chewing the fat
my first impression is they look like hockneys water colors
he produced in the last years
I will get alek to send some so you can see for yourself
or take a look in his last book in a book store
you are on a good track keep it up
by the way the one you sent me you should include on the blog


alek said...

i'd go along with jack on this one, though being compared to one person and another is not a bad thing, not the 2 you've been compared to